Testing standards, strenght & procedures

Testing & Tuv

Each CINEL FORGED rim is designed and produced according to the European Regulation UN-ECE-124.

The wheel application is created starting from the blank, available in the size requested by the customer. According to the car application the rim has a unique profile evolution, optimized according to the car weight, properly distributed between front and rear axles.

We use the FEA software to optimize the rim thickness; once the rim design is defined, we produce a certain number of wheels and we run fatigue and impact tests. By checking the results of the tests, we can confirm and release the rim design or review this latter to improve rim resistance.

TÜV requires tests to certify each single rim, design, application and geometric parameters.

Upon customer request, we can certify the rim by producing some additional rims necessary for the homologation tests. The production of these wheels is upon customer coverage.

We are TÜV certified for the production according to  ISO 9001:2015

In 2016 we improved and increased our certification set after receiving the green light to produce and release forged wheels.

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