Cinel Rally Collection

What is the Cinel Rally Collection

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Rally Gravel 15″

cinel-forged-wheels-italian-flag-small 5 HOLES

Rally Gravel 15” is designed for gravel rally use. By modifying the CNC turning parameters, it can be used for track/asphalt use.

Monoblok 1-Piece
Aluminum Alsi7Mg-T6 Aluminum


Size ET min ET max PCD max
6×15” 12 52 135
7×15” 25 64 135

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Rally Tarmac 17″-18″

cinel-forged-wheels-italian-flag-small 5 HOLES / CENTER LOCK

Rally Tarmac 17”-18” is designed with a robust external profile, 13 spokes to better distribute loads and effort.


Monoblok 1-Piece
Aluminum Alsi7Mg-T6

Size ET min ET max PCD max
7×17” -2 60 135
8×17″ 10 72 135
8×18” 8 70 135
9×18” 20 80 135


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